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    Domino’s Pizza now in Trivandrum

    June 30, 2010    
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    Domino’s India has opened a new shop at Trivandrum. The only Domino’s in Trivandrum was inside Technopark Tejaswini buliding which was accessible only for Technopark guys. Now the non Technoparkians can also enjoy the taste of country’s one of the best pizza makers. The shop is located on Vellayambalam-Sasthamangalam road in a 3 storied building, which u can never miss on the way. They do have door step delivery also which offers a 30 minutes guaranteed delivery. If the pizza is not delivered in the time span you will get the pizza for free. Hope Trivandrum’s traffic and confusing roads does some good and gets us the pizza for free.

    Dominos Trivandrum

    Domino's Trivandrum

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    1. OOMMEN

      please update in dominos website itz not given…….. itz shown technopark only

    2. Jacob

      Nice to know there is an outlet in town.

      Would be helpful if they could learn the spelling of Trivandrum and not have some Delhi guy take a shot at it to make it be Trivendrum – what a shame to see those banners.

      The delivery boys seem silly – routinely get 3 calls, one for each turn of the last mile. Given that the delivery is at perhaps the largest apartment complex in the city, which is about a km from their office — it portray high level of inefficiency.

      Teething troubles i guess – but again, good they have started!

    3. Tina

      Just phoned them to place an order and found the guys really ridiculous. Any ways, all the best for them since they started one. Even i noticed the’Trivendrum’ thing..English made it Trivandrum… now the cow belt has made it Trivendrum….lol

    4. hehe, thankfully its not thirondram!

    5. Aravind Sai

      trivandrum has no dominozz till now? :o !had my first dompizzas at coimbatore circa 99-00.anyways,good news.

    6. ashwin thomas

      very lazy way of approach towards customers…………….

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