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    Ambrosia Trivandrum

    August 17, 2009    
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    imagesAmbrosia Trivandrum is a delightful hangout located in Bakery Junction. It offers, well a plethora of choices as far as pastries and other lip smacking delicacies are concerned. These include salads, starters, short eats, burgers, sandwiches,breads, cakes and well anything you can think of . The place is often

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    crowded and it is wise to reserve a table in advance. Branches are also located at Keshavadasapuram, Spencer’s Junction, Technopark,Vellayambalam and Medical college. Home delivery is also available and so is online booking. Visit http://www.theambrosia.com.

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    1. kuttu

      Hai does anyone know its official website? thnks

    2. Nandu

      I think ambrosia has the best ambience in Trivandrum ever! But serving times wer hopeless in the Bakery Jn. some time back when I was there, but the new one in Kowdiar is much better.

    3. Very good hangout place in trivandrum

    4. Shibu J

      The Kowdiar one seems to be good. Visited it last week.

      However the standards at most of their other outlets are very poor. The “pizza’s” offered by them at the bakery jn outlet are poor compared to those of Dominos in Technopark.

      The less said about the Technopark outlet the better. Very poor standards of service and they are totally outclassed by the other fast food joints in Technopark – that is in everything except the cost which is still high as usual. I abandoned that place ever since I got some strange tasting chicken nuggets.

      I am sorry to say this but Ambrosia has seen better days. They should not have expanded – should have concentrated on being a one outlet joint.

    5. Geo

      Strange thing about ambrossia technopark is that if you try to order some cake in 1 or 2 day advance they will inform that it is not available and you can go for either “Black or White Forest/Praline” which is readily available.At the same time if you call their Bakery Jn outlet and order the same cake you prefer they will deliver at your office.So in short due to the demand technopark outlet is not ready to take the pain in getting new orders.seems really strange.
      Service at their outlets are becoming very poor and as others have mentioned they where much better a couple of years back.Remember guys…”Nothing fails like success” :)
      Have tried Supreme All Spice outlet and they provide good service as well as better VFM and more importantly the taste is also comparable.So a better option in my personal opinion.

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